Delighted to be back on the charts again … and it’s a new one! BIG LIGHT (the dance mix) is on the New York Music Pool dance chart, opening at #44. Big thanks to Jason Dauman, Liam Keegan Producer/DJ, my co-writer John Proulx and my precious Al Jarreau. The duet was originally released as part of my 20th album, YOU GOTTA LOVE THE LIFE, one year ago today.  This is a dance remix version, a hit in Europe, now crossing the pond.  You can hear the track here: Big Light Dance Mix

“Big Light” is shining again.  The Melissa Manchester/Al Jarreau duet continues to find new audiences as it evolves over time.  First penned by Manchester and John Proulx as a smooth jazz solo, the song, the fourth cut on Melissa Manchester’s 2015 CD, You Gotta Love the Life, became a duet when Jarreau phoned Manchester at the recording studio and asked if he she’d like him to sing on her 20th album which, he had heard, was in production.  The upbeat song was retooled to become a lively duet between the two veteran artists and long-time collaborators.

In August, a music video showing the two artists in the recording studio together was released online.  In October 2015, the track was remixed by British producer/DJ Liam Keegan and quickly climbed the dance charts in Europe.

This week, one year since the release of Manchester’s album, the dance mix debuted on the New York Music Pool chart at #44, and critics are hailing the track as a “Great offering from two giants.” (Soundworks)  “Melissa and Al both excellent and great artist(s).” (BB – Syndicated Mix Shows)  “One would expect a great song, which it absolutely is.” (Pacific Coast DJs)  It seems that “Big Light” is still a rising star.