This is where I was yesterday.  Sharing a historic moment with 750,000 fellow/sister citizens at the Women’s March #womensmarchla. It was not my first march but it was for thousands in the crowd. I’d flown across the country from Massachusetts, early in the morning, watching CNN on the flight as it showed the remarkable march unfold while the sun was coming up across our beautiful nation.

Democracy, like love, is a living thing. I’m not here to discuss the election, the results, the future. I am simply saying that I exercised my first amendment rights, like my mother did when she marched in the 1930s to support the establishment of unions in factories and to abolish child labor.

I am proud that my daughter marched in support of Planned Parenthood, a largely misunderstood organization. I am grateful that the clouds parted and the sun shone for the whole day.  The blessed rains have returned, today, to my parched state. It doesn’t matter much whether you care to read my reflections about this gigantic peaceful assembly. I am simply and profoundly grateful to live in a society where it is guaranteed in our Constitution that a march such as this could exist.