I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. The only element in life, consistent and impartial, is time – and, more specifically, the passing of time. And, though time and its subdivisions – days,months, years – may have originally been a way to understand the change and passing of seasons, it remains a constant presence in every second of everyone’s life, always.

Holy books and their reflected religious codified creeds, on the other hand, state how to live with grand rewards or awful consequences, depending upon personal choices in- or out-of-line with their core concepts. This can lead to a tentativeness for the follower as to how “right” or how “wrong” one is being viewed by an almighty power. It’s also led to some great works of art being created, no doubt.

But what if we acknowledged TIME as an omnipresent power, constant and impartial, as stated before? What if we viewed time with reverence and awe? It neither judges nor condones – time appears to be a perfectly balanced spiritual presence. We can use it or waste it … it cares not. Time provides the perfect “spiritual mirror” to reflect back to us the truth of how we’ve lived our lives in how we’ve spent the time we’ve been given – or refused to embrace the gift of time to create a life of uncovered dreams brought from shadows to light.