In the last few years there has been a profound awakening in my life due to some deep emotional seismic shifts. Details are not terribly important.What I would consider run of the mill catastrophes.

What landed at my feet and in my heart was the kindness that was shown to me and my kids during that time.My village of family and extended family helped me organize my mind and my life and it was overwhelming.Seeing a houseful of people packing up my stuff alongside me to move one afternoon and those too fragile to do heavy lifting brought dinner for everyone was the most enormous demonstration of compassion and kindness I’d ever experienced.I was able to shed some fear and at long last felt I might be standing on solid ground.

Yes, of course we all love each other and have for decades but that outpouring of effort, the uncontested ‘yes’ that responded when I asked for help was that beautiful peace on the new sunrise in my life. When everyone left later that evening I wept openly with deep gratitude and tasted a unique, sweetness in those tears that I cried.