In 1989, I released an album, “Tribute,” to honor the great women singers who informed my musical soul and set the platinum standard for the art – Clooney, Streisand, Fitzgerald, Garland, Warwick and others.  Ever since, I’ve been wanting to pay a similar homage to “The Fellas” who, likewise, blazed the trail – including Sinatra, Mel Tormé, Nat Cole and Tony Bennett.  I’ve been given the beautiful opportunity to collaborate with the Citrus College Blue Note Orchestra to bring this dream to life!


So we have the girl singer (me – Melissa Manchester) and a big bunch of musicians (the Blue Note Orchestra), and even a talented lineup of arrangers, orchestrators and copyists.  You can be a part of the serious fun – AND help us launch this album in a big way.


Melissa and Barry NEW


Oh – did I mention that Barry is singing a duet with me on this album? It seems he, too, wanted to hear the Citrus student musicians bring it! 

Each one of you can make a difference!  Whether or not you’re able to contribute monetarily to this crowd funding campaign, you can help – by watching the progress of the campaign throughout our 50 days together, by sharing our news and updates with your family and friends, by showing your support on my Facebook page and Twitter feed.


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We’ll give you the stories behind the songs, an inside peek at the recording sessions, a look at some of the remarkable arrangers and student musicians, a taste of the Citrus College experience, an understanding of the audio mixing and mastering process, tips for what makes a good album cover design and more.


Melissa Manchester's 21th Album 'The Fellas' Now On Indiegogo


Thank you!  I’m so glad to have you along for this adventure – and grateful for your support.