Seniorly Presents: Curtain Up Live Stream! For our isolated seniors due to the #COVID-19 pandemic

April 5th, 2020|

On Monday, April 6 at 1:00 PM PDT / 4:00 PM EDT, I'll be doing a cool live stream right here on Curtain Up with Rob Rokicki, Lynn Portas & Lily Bowen.  A one-hour live entertainment show for our aging loved ones nationwide. It's a collaboration with Seniorly, to bring daily entertainment to seniors across the country who are isolated due to the #COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Melissa Manchester

It’s National Doctors Day!

March 30th, 2020|

It's #NationalDoctorsDay ! If ever there was a moment to raise our voices in gratitude for #Doctors #Nurses and all #FirstResponders let's take a moment to say a silent prayer of thanks or a really loud banging of pots and pans and cheering from windows and rooftops this evening to show our appreciation.

Vintage Commercial: Memorex Cassettes with Melissa Manchester & Ella Fitzgerald

February 1st, 2020|

This one aired in December of 1977. "I had no idea what she was singing about, but I decided there and then that I wanted to live where she lived. She just was my guiding light through my whole life," she says. "When I first got to meet her on the set of the Memorex commercial, she was so jolly and so dear and so huggy. I immediately felt confirmed of all I had hoped for: that she was just magnificent in every way."

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Melissa Manchester’s career is remarkable not only for its longevity and accomplishments, but for its versatility. Following her stint as a founding member of Bette Midler’s Harlettes, Manchester’s tremendously successful solo career brought her critical and commercial acclaim. Melisssa has recorded twentyone albums across her career, releasing her most recent album, The Fellas, on September 8th 2017.

In 1989, Melissa recorded an album called Tribute which was her homage to several of the iconic women singers who sparked a great light in her young soul. Ella, Judy, Edith, Rosie, Dionne and a few others shared that sacred space with her and shined their light on the path to come. Melissa always wanted to complete that idea with a follow-up album called The Fellas, paying tribute to some of the equally great male singers – Frank, Tony, Nat, Johnny and several others.

So, here it is – at long last – through a gift made possible by Dean Bob Slack Dean of Citrus College Visual and Performing Arts in Glendora, CA and their fantastic Blue Note Orchestra. While it’s primarily a solo album, Manchester did recruit one very special fella to join her on The Fellas: Barry Manilow duets with her on a jubilant “For Me and My Gal,” a tribute to Gene Kelly and Judy Garland, who performed the 1942 movie’s title track.  Sing and swing along, everybody!


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