This is AWAKE!

I found these words by Rabindranath Tagore a very long time ago and I’ve carried them in my heart ever since – until I heard them sing. I suggest you listen three times – once at a high volume while driving, once with head phones and once while resting.

Thank you, Peter Hume, for your glorious orchestration, Paco Silva for your thoughtful direction, Susan Holder, once again, for the enormous coordination of this project, and to all the amazing singers – Aleta Braxton, Alexandra almendares, Desmond Clark, Lisa Donahey, Lisa Gwasda. Garrison Holder, Susan Holder, Linda Kates, Vatrena King, Melissa Manchester, Stephan Oberhoff, John Proulx, Johnny Schaefer, Israel Segura, Carol Stephenson, Melanie Taylorand Ron Walters Jr,

Thank you all, with all of my heart. Enjoy.

About Rabindranath Tagore
Rabindranath Tagore’s writing is deeply rooted in both Indian and Western learning traditions. Apart from fiction in the form of poetry, songs, stories, and dramas, it also includes portrayals of common people’s lives, literary criticism, philosophy, and social issues. Rabindranath Tagore originally wrote in Bengali, but later reached a broad audience in the West after recasting his poetry in English. In contrast to the frenzied life in the West, his poetry was felt to convey the peace of the soul in harmony with nature.