Funny Girl takes its parade and an astounding new Fanny Brice on tour 

Melissa Manchester is a stand-out as Mrs. Brice, Fanny’s mother, and she wisely avoids the pitfall of making a caricature of the “Jewish mother” while still finding plenty of opportunities for wise-cracking. The ensemble provides a dazzling backdrop to the action.
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A dazzling Katerina McCrimmon makes for an authentic Fanny Brice in ‘Funny Girl’

The emphasis on “Funny Girl” tends to be on nailing the vintage New York Jewish milieu. Harvey Fierstein’s revision of Isobel Lennart’s book relocates Fanny’s origins to Brooklyn from the Lower East Side, but it’s all the same world. Melissa Manchester, a game trouper, brings her flamboyant Bronx pedigree to the role of Mrs. Brice. (It’s clear where Fanny has gotten her “oy vey” and “fakakta” exhalations from.) Projections of tenements give David Zinn’s fleet scenic design that old-timey Big Apple flavor.

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Funny Girl Makes a Star of Its Lead Katerina McCrimmon

As Mrs. Brice, Melissa Manchester settles into a vaudevillian parody of a Jewish mama with a piercing nasal voice and gesticulating hands, but the characterization works because she’s warm and cutting, comforting and truthful.
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‘Funny Girl’ Revival Exceeds Immense Hype at the Ahmanson

As Fanny’s supportive mother Mrs. Rose Brice, the Grammy Award-winning Melissa Manchester gives a winning and humanistic performance as someone who lives vicariously through her onstage daughter’s rise and romantic frustrations, reacting with good intentions even if the message might be misplaced. Mrs. Brice’s card-playing companions.
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