Rave rewiews, ‘Funny Girl’ is a must-see production!

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Melissa Manchester is a stand-out as Mrs. Brice, Fanny’s mother, and she wisely avoids the pitfall of making a caricature of the “Jewish mother” while still finding plenty of opportunities for wise-cracking. The ensemble provides a dazzling backdrop to the action. A game trouper, brings her flamboyant Bronx pedigree to the role of Mrs. Brice.

FUNNY GIRL National Tour with Melissa Manchester

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Grammy winner Melissa Manchester plays Fanny’s Mother to perfection. – The Detroit Jewish News
Melissa Manchester is now back as Mrs.Brice on the national tour with Funny Girl. "The sensational cast, starring Katerina McCrimmon as Fanny Brice, Stephen Mark Lukas, Grammy Award-winner Melissa Manchester and Izaiah Montaque Harris, dazzles with the songs “Don’t Rain On My Parade,” “I’m the Greatest Star,” and “People.” Sign up for News and Tour Schedule here →

To my fans, friends and theater-goers across the country

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A few days ago on my way to the theater, I took a fall and injured my knee, which will unfortunately require surgery and time for recovery. I am heartsick to be away from my beautiful cast mates, as well as the exquisite world of FUNNY GIRL. I am sorry to disappoint those of you who were hoping to see me in this historic production. [read more...]

‘Funny Girl’ delivers… led by young star Katerina McCrimmon and veteran singer Melissa Manchester

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Nine years ago, a friend’s mother told Katerina McCrimmon, “You’re going to play Fanny Brice in ‘Funny Girl’ some day.” McCrimmon, just 16 years old at the time and a budding actress, possessed the same spunky, silly, never-say-die vitality as Brice, the friend’s mother said. Now 25 years old, McCrimmon is traveling the country in the national tour of “Funny Girl,”. Playing Fanny’s mother Rose, [read more...]

“Funny Girl” is a show for the ages, an entertainment experience like no other. (Providence Journal)

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Katerina McCrimmon – that’s a name Providence audiences won’t soon forget. Starring in the touring production of “Funny Girl,”which concludes its run today at the Providence Performing Arts Center, McCrimmon shows such power and control as a vocalist, such depth and consistency as a character actor and such a mesmerizing stage presence that hundreds sat enthralled with her performance from beginning to end. Starring in [read more...]