Melissa Manchester’s Live ’77 review

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Melissa Manchester's Live '77 is the renowned singer-songwriter's first and only live album, recorded by Arista Records in October 1977 at Gainesville, Florida's Great Southern Music Hall but unreleased until now! Forty-five years ago, it just wasn’t in the cards for Melissa Manchester’s live album to be released. Recorded over two shows at Gainesville, Florida’s Great Southern Music Hall in September of 1977, the album was to [read more...]

“You Can’t Hide the Light” Best Original Song

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"You Can't Hide the Light", my duet with Johnny Schaefer was the winner of the "Best Original Song" this year in partnership with the UK Songwriting Contest. With a Greek Chorus and double melody, the song is a unique world of layers weaving 55 vocal tracks in a dazzling array of sounds. It’s a modern dance music video with the vocalists’ spirits or, alter-egos represented in [read more...]

Ring in the New Year with Melissa at Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael

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Join Melissa Manchester as she rings in the new year at Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael! Feinstein's is pleased to host the New Years' Eve Celebration Friday, December 31. First show: 7:30 p.m. Second show: 10:45 p.m. Book your tickets here: [read more...]

An evening with Michael Feinstein and guest Melissa Manchester, May 15 2021

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Don’t miss the return of world-class talent to the Palladium (Carmel, Indiana) when Michael Feinstein and longtime friend Melissa Manchester team up for an evening of pop hits and gems from the Great American Songbook! The concert will be Melissa's first Live event with an on-site audience – in over a year.

Melissa Manchester’s new single, a re-envisioned recording of her first hit, “Midnight Blue”

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In support of World Singing Day, I thought it would be appropriate for the second release from my upcoming album, RE:VIEW, to be "Midnight Blue." The tenderness I feel for this song I co-wrote with Carole Bayer Sager and the images of me through the years are true and heartfelt. I am grateful to know all of the memories this song has stirred in all [read more...]

Thoughts that are timeless always find their moment.

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This is AWAKE! I found these words by Rabindranath Tagore a very long time ago and I've carried them in my heart ever since - until I heard them sing. I suggest you listen three times - once at a high volume while driving, once with head phones and once while resting. Thank you, Peter Hume, for your glorious orchestration, Paco Silva for your thoughtful direction. Thank you all, with all of my heart. Enjoy.

Seniorly Presents: Curtain Up Live Stream! For our isolated seniors due to the #COVID-19 pandemic

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On Monday, April 6 at 1:00 PM PDT / 4:00 PM EDT, I'll be doing a cool live stream right here on Curtain Up with Rob Rokicki, Lynn Portas & Lily Bowen.  A one-hour live entertainment show for our aging loved ones nationwide. It's a collaboration with Seniorly, to bring daily entertainment to seniors across the country who are isolated due to the #COVID-19 pandemic.

Vintage Commercial: Memorex Cassettes with Melissa Manchester & Ella Fitzgerald

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This one aired in December of 1977. "I had no idea what she was singing about, but I decided there and then that I wanted to live where she lived. She just was my guiding light through my whole life," she says. "When I first got to meet her on the set of the Memorex commercial, she was so jolly and so dear and so huggy. I immediately felt confirmed of all I had hoped for: that she was just magnificent in every way."